Of a family gathered together in front of the TV laughing, smiling, uplifted as they watch a program that challenges them, without being offensive. Media that teaches without minimizing, exemplifying charity, all while amusing those watching. That is our dream a new type of entertainment. Not just art, but a targeted way to teach the next generation their worth and value. That sounds good but… How do we put this into action? Bandit Bear is actively producing quality original content for online, digital distribution. TV programs, movies, short videos all focused with one goal to bring the family together with quality entertainment.

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Do you have experience in the TV industry behind the scenes or in front of camera? Do you have a dream to be in this industry but find it hard to get started? We have some project-based opportunities for paid and non-paid intern positions available. We want to talk to you. Contact us if you share our passion. Don’t wait for your dream to come true; walk towards it and join us!


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Paper to Production: Funky Farm



Production Description

How did Funky Farm TV start? How do you produce a TV show. Want to find out all the behind the scenes happenings? join us for this new web series the learn the origin of Funky Farm.

Funky Farm



Production Description

Funky farm is about a loving family that is the caretakers for a zany cast of animals. Traditional puppets, full body puppets and CGI will be incorporated into the show. Although the program will be a lighthearted format we will deal with subject matter which focuses on the tough issues families face teaching them how to deal with deep hurts, loss and sadness.


J Collins (Supporting): Male, 35+ Father. Marine veteran amputee who walks on blades. Wise and kind. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Mary (Lead): Female, 18-25 Daughter who wrangles all animals and is a constant companion. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Beeba and Billa (Leads mascot actors): Female, 18-35 In full costume must be good dancer, English accent. Size requirements for costume Ethnicity: All Ethnicities Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Butterfly Dancers: Female, 18-35 Must be good dancer, Ethnicity: All Ethnicities Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearsals March 1 week Shooting Follow week 1 week

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Paid non-union. Key Details Seeking talent from: USA

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